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Care Instructions


How do I wash and care for my backpack?

To properly wash your pack: Place the backpack in a tub or sink filled with 6-8 inches of warm water and handwash with a ph-neutral soap, like common liquid handsoap. Dirt and stains can be easily cleaned with a soft brush, and salt stains on the carrying system can be removed by simply washing with soap and plenty of water. Drain the tub or sink, and fill again with 6-8 inches of warm water. Rinse the pack thoroughly until the soap is gone. Make sure to always store the pack in a dry place, and out of direct sunlight!


Do not wash your pack in a washing machine. This risks severe damage and abrasion to your pack. Also, soaps are often not washed out completely, which could lead to skin irritation for sensitive skin types. Also, do not use detergent-based soaps to wash your pack. Not only can this directly damage the fabrics, but a chemical reaction of sweat, detergent and UV rays has been known to cause future damage to the materials.



How do I care for my Streamer Reservoir?


Remove the orange closure clip

In the sink, add warm water and a couple drops of liquid soap to the reservoir.

Wipe inside of reservoir with hand or soft non-abrasive sponge.

Take off mouthpiece the from the bite-valve elbow – (twist the bite valve socket to the middle label (about a quarter turn), pull to remove from the elbow, and allow the warm soapy water to run through the tube.

Continue to run warm water through reservoir and tube until all soap is gone.

Hang upside down to dry.

When fully dried, put the pieces back together.

NOTES: Do not use brushes or coarse scrubbing tools in the reservoir or tube, as they will scratch the glass-like finish which prevents microbial growth. Also, do not use boiling water. If necessary put the empty hydration system in the freezer, and clean thoroughly after defrosting – this is an easy, effective way of killing bacteria. Storage: Make sure you store your open and clean Streamer in a clean and dry place.